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Neon Smoke

Have a question, thought or want to pair up on a cool new podcast episode? I would love to hear from you, let's connect and emPOWER some more humans.

There are a few options to connect:

  1. You can sign up in the form above to the mailing list and be notified on new content.

  2. You can also sign up in the form below to be a guest in the upcoming podcast.

Remember, the podcasts are a work in progress, let's chat more. Even better, let's showcase all the community superstars and implementation stories which had a deep human impact!

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Want to be part of the emPOWERment too?
What's your background?
What's your focus area?
How many implementations have you seen fail?
I am too traumatised to discuss itBarely anySomeQuite a fewCountless

Thanks for sharing! Will be in touch soon.

Let's connect

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