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2023 Reflections

My summary for 2023: "Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” A lot of curiosity for tech, building things and deeper human impact went from brewing inside to slowly being unleashed. With the power of the Microsoft Community around it all. The journey has been adventurous, filled with twists, turns, and a sprinkle of techie pixie dust. Let’s back it up a bit though. So, what really happened?

Pictures speak louder than words

Whilst this recap image speaks louder than long descriptions, one thing is clear. 2023 was a year of personal transformation. There were so many people along the way that contributed, and I am eternally grateful.

Angeliki in IT Wonderland

Like Alice, I went down a rabbit hole of self-discovery. Here are 6 of the impossible things past Angeliki did not even dare to dream but here I am achieving them!

🏅 Becoming 1 of only 9 female Microsoft Business Applications MVPs in the UK

💃 19 international speaking engagements between conferences, podcasts and user groups

🧠 Celebrating my neurodiverse superpowers and harnessing my passion for Business Applications with a move into functional consulting thanks to the support of Avanade UK & Ireland and Simon Baumber

✍ Creating the new emPOWERedhumans blog with 11 posts in 3 months, connecting me to epic community members such as Sharon Smith, Craig White and Sarah Jones

💻 Expanding as a human evangelist also into the M365 and Dev community thanks to the support of legends such as Jussi Mori, Paul Hunt, Ian Cooper and Dylan Beattie

🎊 Discussing the AI future of Microsoft Business Applications products to drive deeper human impact with Sean Fiene, David Warner, Hugo Bernier, Kenric Auguillard and Nimrod Magen. The open mindedness of Microsoft to create products with the community and clients' feedback is always amazing to witness!

The New Year Ahead

Just like the motto of the London School of Economics, my Alma Matter, the 2024 quote is "Rerum Conoscere Causas" or "To Know the Causes of Things". I am excited to learn more with the Microsoft community, build amazing new solutions AND see where this new neurodiversity journey can go in and out of work.

I switch off for this year knowing 2024 is the year of collaboration and joint ventures, with 2 surprise announcements coming soon!

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