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MVP Diaries - Vivian Voss

Being humble whilst being in the limelight is not straightforward. When someone has a public platform, it can have all sorts of effects. Sometimes you keep harnessing your passion, and sometimes the passion harnesses you. This is ultimately part of one’s moral fiber.

I sat down for a proper conversation with Vivian Voss for the first time during Scottish Summit in 2022. It was an impromptu chat, and I was still new (and shy) to the community.

Vivian was kind, down to earth and friendly. She mentioned how much she admired that in a short time I started speaking about the niche topic of change management and how passionate I was. What a moment; she showed me how invisible, yet deep, impact as well as reach can be. These spontaneous moments matter.

Acknowledging someone’s first steps goes a long way. And this is one of the reasons why Vivian is a role model for women in tech.

Say Hello to Vivian Voss


Let's hear it straight from the source, what makes Vivian...Vivian! 

"I am a Microsoft Business Applications MVP who loves to help organizations transform processes with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. I have around 10 years of experience in solutions with Dynamics 365 and extensions with Power Platform. Also, I am a co-organizer of user groups and a frequent speaker at community events. And from recently, a freelancer as well.😉 "

You can keep up with Vivian on LinkedIn, Twitter or her blog. Let’s see what made her tech journey so unique. 

Origins: How did you discover your passion for technology and what was your first project?

My background is not too technical. I have a degree in International Sales and Marketing. After I got my first job, I quickly realized that is not what I wanted to do long term. As a marketing assistant, I was sitting in the same open office with the Sales department and could always hear them complaining about the systems they needed to input all their client info to. That system was Dynamics CRM v. 2011 on-prem. I got the permission to dig deeper into the UX and work together with the IT partner to make it better. Safe to say, I got hooked. 😂

Award: What are some of the most rewarding or impactful experiences you have had during your time as an MVP? How did they change the way you learn and interact with others?

The most rewarding experiences have been when people come up to me and say that what I do has been valuable for them in one way or another. Also, getting to interact and learn from so many experts, is both a blessing and a curse. There isn't enough time. 😂 I don't think the experiences have changed me; it is more that they have given me motivation to continue to do what I am passionate about.

Real talk: How do you balance work and personal life? Do you ever have to deal with imposter syndrome, and how?

Yes. 😂 This goes under the Do as I say, not as I do category. I am still learning how to balance it all myself. Mostly because I am very keen on what I do and every time I run into something, I can't help to look into it right away. At the same time, I actively try to tell myself that it is important to have breaks, and that also nothing will happen if I don’t' do everything.


The longer I am a part of the MVP community, the more I feel like an imposter and the less I feel I do know. 😂 However, that is also what is motivating me every day; the thrill to be able to learn more and see how I can have a greater impact. There is always more to learn. 😉

Giving back: How do you support and uplift aspiring MVPs or Community members? How can we drive new perspectives, for example those with neurodiverse superpowers?

I am in the organizing team of a few community events, and we always try to include new speakers in the conferences. We also offer a mentoring program to help them get started in a better way.


I am not good at looking people up myself and pushing them towards the award or anything similar. However, if they come to me, I am always open to helping as much as I can. 😊

Fun: If you had a WWE smackdown between 2 products, which ones would it be and why?

Loop VS OneNote. Alternatively, App for Outlook VS Microsoft Copilot for Sales.

Reflecting and learning with a smile:

Learning from each other brings us all closer. Here are my top five thoughts from what Vivian has shared with us:

  • Supporting someone's first steps is key.

  • Making new voices heard enriches our own perspective and the community.

  • Imposter syndrome can impact anyone.

  • We constantly must remind ourselves that nothing (or what) will happen if we do not achieve a set of goals.

  • Asking for help from the community should be our initiative.


A massive thank you to Vivian for joining the MVP Diaries series. Cannot wait to hear your thoughts and AHA moments which inspired you.

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